“I can honestly say with 100% certainty that I would not be the woman I am today or where I am in my life without the guidance and tools that Trish Barillas taught me through our journey of coaching together. I was that girl who said I wanted to live a certain life but was doing nothing to make that happen. Trish asked me the right questions to get me thinking about what I really wanted in my life. She held me accountable and provided me with tools for me to move ahead in my life. I am living a life of true happiness completely Drama Free! Finally! I recommend Barillas coaching to anyone who is looking for true transformation in life.”

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg, Certified Yoga and Pilates teacher, Wellness Coach, Meditator

“This woman gives it to you straight. There’s no sugar coating with Trish – only results and a sense that any goal you have is achievable. You’ll leave each session with clarity and a stronger drive to live the life you know you’re capable of. Sometimes we all need a good kick in the ass – and Trish delivers.”

Ashley Stetts, Founder of Stetts Model Management

“I’ve always been someone who set high goals for myself and tried to achieve them. About 4 years ago, I was unclear about my future and unmotivated to keep pushing myself. As a busy entrepreneur, I became fully consumed with work, and I stopped focusing on my own personal growth and development. I decided to meet Trish for a “life coach consultation”. Unsure of what to expect (yet optimistic from our initial email exchange), Trish had me inspired immediately after our first session. It felt like she understood exactly what I was going through. With Trish’s unique balance of guidance, careful listening and honest feedback, she’s helped me grow in all aspects of my life. She’s the best mentor, coach and confidant I could ever imagine having in my corner.”

Jordan Osher, Co-Founder – Capture Media

“There are, of course, many wonderful coaches–competent and truly helpful people. Trish, however, belongs in a very small subset of that group: the rare and magical coaches that not only touch your heart, but allow you to meet the real you and achieve your every dream. She hears you fully in a way that few humans can. She seems to suspend time so there’s enough for the whole story, sharing pieces of herself and anecdotal stories so you never feel alone. Her knowledge, experience and box of tools provide life clarity, accountability, unbiased guidance and opportunity which guides your personal development. Her direct approach ensures that you hear what needs to be said versus what you want to hear. She has been a true blessing to me both personally and professionally. She has changed my life.”

Jessica Whitney, MBA, Owner Central Bark Doggy Day Care and Founder Fairy Tails Dog Rescue, Inc.